Does your marketing keep getting shoved to the bottom of your never-ending to-do list?

You mean to get to it, but you know how it goes. A crisis. A deadline. A last-minute client.

So nothing happens. (Except you might feel like crap!) 

Let’s fix this for 2024, shall we? 

You need a content calendar - and here's why!

A content calendar is a powerful framework of strategy and planning to keep your marketing on track. Because “when you have time” never happens. 

You end up writing a blog post once a month, sending out a newsletter every few months, and posting on social media once a week – maybe!  Your marketing is all over the place – and so are your results. Creating marketing content only “as time allows” does not work. 

Here’s what does: planning and consistency. 

Let’s sit down in January and plan your  marketing content – with the help of a powerful AI tool – ChatGPT.

During this 90-minute workshop, you’ll discover how ChatGPT can: 

  • Help you generate compelling marketing messages
  • Create a content calendar to keep you on track
  • Use this tool for both strategy and execution

Join me for the January 10th workshop and get the templates and instructions you’ll need to create your content calendar for Q1, Q2, or heck, even the whole year!  

What’s included in the workshop

Pre-Workshop Materials:

  • Preparatory Guide: A downloadable PDF that helps you understand how to prepare for the workshop, including preliminary exercises to identify your content goals and current strategies.
  • AI Readiness Checklist: A checklist to ensure you have the necessary tools and accounts set up (like OpenAI access) to fully participate in the workshop activities.

Your Workshop:

  • The Art of Prompting: Master the skill of asking the right questions to generate valuable content ideas and detailed outlines tailored to your niche. Whether you’re creating blogs, social posts, videos, or emails, I’ll show you how to use ChatGPT to tailor your prompts to get the answers you need.
  • Content Calendar Construction: Get step-by-step guidance on crafting a quarterly content calendar. We will focus on Q1 but you can use the framework to outline the entire year. 
  • Strategic Foundations: Discover how to engage ChatGPT in breaking down your goals into actionable steps. Each piece of content then becomes a building block that strengthens your marketing foundation and weaves into a cohesive, purpose-driven storyline that you follow throughout 2024.

Post-Workshop Resources:

  • Recorded Replay: Access to the workshop recording for attendees to revisit the content at their own pace.
  • Content Calendar Template: An editable template for a content calendar that attendees can personalize and use throughout the year.
  • Prompt Library: A collection of sample prompts tailored to various business needs that can be used as a starting point for creating content.

Is this right for you?

Small Business Owners & Content Creators: If you’re a small business owner or a content creator looking to elevate your digital presence in 2024, this workshop is for you – learn how to stand out in a crowded digital landscape. 

Consultants, Agencies, and B2B Service Providers – a special invitation: If you provide services to small businesses and content creators, this workshop is a fantastic holiday gift for your clients. 

  • Consultant Bundle: Purchase a pack of 5 seats for your clients at a special rate and you will receive a personal one-on-one strategy session with me to talk about any-and-all-things Chat GPT. (Limited number of bundles available, so contact me ASAP!

Not only are you giving them a seat at the workshop – you’re providing them with a transformative tool to elevate their strategy for 2024.

This is your chance to show immense value, cementing their trust and appreciation in your partnership.

You can read more about my background here.

What others say

Showed me how to engage at a more in-depth level.  
Rebekah Rius, Marketing Strategist, Sidecar Marketing Solutions
“As a marketer, I had used ChatGPT quite a bit, so I was curious what I’d get out of it. A lot! The real kicker was that she showed me how to be conversational and engage with the tool at a more in-depth level than I had been. [not written by AI!]”

I got lots of tips!  Pat Williams,
“Just watching how someone else navigates the platform and interacts with it gave me a bunch of new ideas.
I felt it was a great investment for my business, plus, she’s just lovely to talk with. Thanks Karen!”

Shaved days’ worth of work off my projects.  Loree Hollander, Seattle, WA
I had no idea how far you could drill into a very specific content need and hone your prompts to get even more and better information. When we were finished, this session shaved days’ worth of work (maybe even weeks(?)) off my projects.  This was an extraordinarily valuable hour; she really knows her stuff!

Her ideas sparked my creativity! Whitney Winslow, LCSW, Durham, NC
“Karen was not only incredibly knowledgeable about the subject matter, but  is a wonderful teacher and her ideas sparked my creativity and even got me excited about developing my marketing content!

I have a ton of great YouTube ideas now. Felicity Fields, Tulsa, OK
It was such a help to see the different kinds of prompts, and the different ways you can use the tool to both generate content ideas and write rough first drafts of said content, both blog posts and social media.”
Felicity Fields, Tulsa, OK

Karen explained …in simple, easy to understand terms. Mich Bondesio, UK, Author of The Cadence Effect
Karen explained what can feel overwhelming in simple, easy to understand terms. The live examples and various discussions also got me amped to explore ways to help simplify my workload with my current book launch promo activities!

Make 2024 the Year You Finally Get Your Marketing Sh*t Done

By the end of this workshop, you’ll know how to leverage ChatGPT to create a strategic quarterly content calendar, saving time, driving engagement, and making you stand out!

  • Produce high-quality content faster – without burning out your creative juices 
  • Maximize the value from ChatGPT with our proven prompting strategies
  • Use all the templates, tools, and resources to implement a content calendar that propels growth

Don’t just drift lazily into the New Year – take charge of your own growth and success in 2024! 

Reserve your all-inclusive spot right now for only $119 and start the new year off right with a solid plan for creating your 2024 content!

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